What You Should Know About Quality and Safety in Medical Imaging

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When you are not well, you often visit a doctor who advises you to conduct certain tests that will help you determine the root of your disease. Some of these tests are deep and you need advanced technology to determine the cause of the illness or the disease. This is where a radiologist may step in to help.

What does a radiologist do?

A radiologist helps your doctor when you are going in for medical and health checks. The radiologist is a special medical doctor that specializes in the diagnosis and the treatment of disease and other injuries that harm your body. The radiologist uses medical imaging like x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging MRI, computed tomography, fusion imaging, positron emission tomography PET and ultrasound. The use of the above imaging techniques use radiation. This is why professionals with adequate understanding and training in radiation safety protection is important to be employed in clinics for helping patients.

How to become a radiologist?

Apparao Mukkamala is well versed in the field of radiology and he says that if you wish to become a radiologist it is important for you to graduate from an accredited medical college or school. You should at least complete a residency course of four years after the post graduate course. Most radiologists in the USA complete a fellowship with one or two extra years of special training in a certain sub-specialty of the subject radiology like nuclear medicine, cardiovascular radiology and breast imaging. They are experts when it comes to the protection and safety of radiation and its effects of it on your body. They also help you in the appropriate performance and help doctors to understand the results of the tests that are conducted on you. They will be present to help you with the medical imaging examinations and ensure that tests like PET, CT and MRI are performed under the standard medical conditions under the approval of certified and trained medical physicians. The above tests will only be performed on the patient when necessary.

They need special post- graduate training as well…

Radiologists must have unique and specific post medical college training before they are employed in medical units. They are well-versed in radiation safety procedures and ensure that the optimal performance of the process is done without exposing you to harmful rays for extended period. There are some procedures that might extend for a few days however the maximum time for radiation imaging can be done to a maximum of 10 months only. When you are going in for tests that need radiation, you must ensure that you have it done under expert supervision. This is why you should always conduct these medical examinations from very good places only.

Apparao Mukkamala says that when it comes to a career in radiology, it is very lucrative and profitable in the long- run. However, you should ensure that you enroll in a good medical school and pick up the skills so that you effectively can become a successful professional in your own right!

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