Asking our friends for advice could be disastrous when it comes to buying our workout shoes because what would work for them might not necessarily work for you especially that you have different shoe sizes. Especially that most of our friends would advise you to buy the shoes that look cool, it might be a terrible idea because sometimes cool doesn’t mean right. Buying those colourful shoes might not be right for the kind of feet you have. Choosing the right shoes will help you avoid blisters and injuries.

The shop attendants are willing to help you at the shop, but this background information could help you too, so that you won’t regret buying your shoes and wasting money on the wrong ones.You will need a pair that will go through with you in all your kilometer runs.

Don’t be swayed by fancy descriptions in the stores

In the name of commerce, salespeople would lure you to terminologies that might make you think that the shoe will be very functional and of course would appear cool. You might think that they are looking for the perfect shoes, but they will not know what is right for you.  Scientists who study motion analysis would tell you that in order to avoid injuries you should fit the shoes on and assess its comfort.  Don’t sacrifice comfort from trend.

You can run before you buy

You need to compare best workout shoes for men or women before you buy it, and how can you compare it well? Then you must try at least two to three pairs and then run with them. According to experts, you should try a pair that is lightweight and has a super-thin sole then you could try another with a thicker-soled pair. This will help you decided which one is more comfortable for you.

You must understand what is a “Heel-Toe Offset” is 

Heel-toe offset means that it is the difference of the height of your heel when it is off the ground and the forefoot. It also means that the “heel-toe offset” is the difference of where the height of your heel when it is sitting on the footbed and when the forefoot is sitting on the footbed in the shoe. According to many studies, you will need a shoe that has a lower heel-toe drop because it could put you in a better posture and assist you in getting into better form.

 There are reasons why there are colored soles

The colors matter when you shop for shoes especially when it comes to the soles. Did you know that carbon rubber makes up black soles? They are sturdy and weightly. White soles are different because they have a lower density and made up of soft materials. They are light and they consist of more air. If you will be running on asphalt then it could tear your shoes, so you will need to use black soles. If what your running on is grass or just a dirty trail then you can use the white soles.

Sometimes comfort shoes do not serve their purpose

You should try pairs of shoes with varying degrees of paddings or cushions until you will discover which ones will feel the best.


Buy shoes that has a space for your feet to move around

Your feet need to breathe in order for you to run properly. There should be a two-thirds room at the back so that you will not be swelling. Others will wear shoes that are half size larger than the shoes they usually wear. You should buy large-size shoes when you are running in far distances.

Happy shoe shopping!

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