Is Cannabis More Harmful than Alcohol?

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No sort of addiction is safe, however hypocritical this statement might appear. Today most of the people from teenage to younger and elder people occasionally drink or smoke pot.  For decades so many false perceptions about marijuana have been circulated and were also termed as a most illicit drug available. Hence, people consider marijuana as one of the most deadly drugs, consumption of which could deteriorate the health condition. Although all of it is a myth and new research and studies have proved that consumption of medical marijuana can provide a number of medical benefits.

Considering the comparison between alcohol and cannabis, either in terms of direct effect, associated disease, fatalities associated with driving under the influence or many other factors, Marijuana or cannabis has always been relatively safer than drinking alcohol. However, depends on such products physically or mentally could turn out ugly and have severe outcomes.

For decades cannabis has been demonized whereas alcohol has been socially accepted. However, alcohol is said to be more harmful to the human body when compared to the intake of weed. With the advent of medical cannabis and slow legalization, the perception is changing. Medically it has been proved that with moderation, marijuana or cannabis could be a much safer alternative to the long lasting and permanent effects of alcohol.

Marijuana is derived from hemp plants and is said to be dried flower buds of the female plants of the genus cannabis. Effect of cannabis on personal health have been studied and no study shows any long term side effects and more research is needed before anything can be concluded regarding consumption and side effect of cannabis. However, on the other hand, there are multiple side effects of alcohol which have been clearly stating, some of which are

  1. Liver disease

The liver helps to break down and remove harmful substances from body however the long term alcohol use interface the processes and increases the risk for chronic liver inflammation and liver disease. According to the study, women are at higher risk of developing alcoholic liver diseases.

  1. Affects the central nervous system

Slurred speech is one of the first sign that states individual had too much of drink as it reduces communication between brain and body and hence once face hard time balancing. Consumption of alcohol can damage the central nervous system and one might experience numbness or tingling sensation in different bid parts.

Alcohol is known to harm the brain, cardiovascular system, liver, colon, pancreas, and lungs. Many of the time people after consuming an excess of alcohol tends to become violent and abusive, under such circumstances they not only affect themselves but others as well. There is also a risk of overdose that is not practically possible in the case of cannabis.
In a nutshell, if there is to be a distinction between hard and soft drugs, alcohol falls more into the category of hard drugs, because of the dangers of the high itself, toxicity, and physical dependency. Considering the medical benefits of cannabis and slow legalization process number of companies are emerging as the licensed producer and seller of the recreational brand of cannabis and Namaste is one of them based in Canada.

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