Hair Treatments for Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a problem of every other person you meet around.  Once you are exposed to this problem, It becomes a long battle to fight. The scalp issue happens to be a trying resolve that leaves a person losing his/her self-esteem and confidence in personality. The nature of baldness differs in every men and women. The possible causes may be common, but the core issues may differ in both. The treatments are available for every form of scalp problem.

The common causes include:

⦁ Ailment, surgery and medication;

⦁ Nutritional deficiencies; Thyroid diseases, Hormonal Imbalances.

⦁ Age Factor

Hair Treatments

There are possible treatments that are helpful in healthy growth, getting rid of patchy scalp and regain the confidence.

Vitamin Rich Diet for Healthy Scalp

The foremost and natural treatment is to maintain a good diet, it can save you from a lot of tensions. A healthy diet gives a healthy body, and also a healthy scalp. Take it as a free gift from nature. After all, nothing is more beneficial than nature in the long run.

⦁ Vitamin B6, vitamin B12- A recent study has recognized a relation between Vitamin C supplementation and scalp health. Vitamin C constrain the expression of a gene in the papilla cells leading to blockage of androgenic activity on the cells of the follicles.

⦁ Vitamin C is available in oranges. A delicious juicy fruit.

⦁ Vitamin D is essential, its deficiency include a reduction in calcium absorption and reduce patch scalp issue. As calcium and vitamin D both have greatness together, milk is healthy to take.

⦁ Eating lean cuts of beef is also a good way to increase iron intake with essential vitamins, while avoiding excess fat.

Home Remedies

⦁ Right Shampoo – washing products must be reliable. Whether its shampoo, oil, conditioner or another thing. It must up to date and scalp friendly. Unworthy products make the damage faster.

⦁ Oil is essential – Regular scalp oiling is necessary before bath. Also, put little oil after bath to maintain the moisture. Like plants need water, that’s how your scalp need moisture to grow. Main the moisture level, especially after washing them.

⦁ Egg, curd and mustard oil – Eggs are rich in vitamin A, B12, D and E, fatty acids and protein. The protein helps strengthen the roots, the fatty acids is a natural conditioner and B12 helps enhance volume.

⦁ Olive oil, coconut oil and egg – Warm 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, let it cool, add one or two eggs and two tablespoons of olive oil and apply. Easy remedy for healthy growth.


The medicines are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) effective for the treatment. Here, is the description:

Minoxidil (Rogaine) – It is a foam like medicine, you rub into scalp twice a day, for growth and to prevent further loss. It comes in different strengths require doctor’s prescription. The effect is visible in around 16 weeks, till then you have to keep applying. Possible side effects include scalp irritation.

Finasteride (Propecia) – This prescription drug is in the form of pills. Only available to men, having baldness issue. You have to keep taking it till you see results. Men who used it experienced slowing down of problem or new hair growth. Side effects include risks of prostate issues.

Permanent Treatement

Hair transplant in Dubai is now a common treatment being adopted by many people around us. It is the most effective procedure with long lasting benefits. Still some people are confused about this treatment. Let us satisfy you, this procedure is not that big kind of surgery. This is a highest level of surgery that involves just minor incisions. The procedure just takes grafts from the healthy area of scalp and transplant them to the affected area. In a few months, the result is visible. The new graft just blend so well with the your existing style that the surgery can’t be judged.

The matter of fact is, there are many solutions, but this proves to be the permanent one. As it requires delicate handling, it is somehow a costly affair. It also depends on the amount of hair in the donor area, despite, it is your one-time investment for the quiet distinctive contribution towards permanent treatment for hair loss.

If you consider permanent treatment for then get this opportunity from hair transplant clinic Dubai, by getting FREE consultation. The consultants there will reach you for guidance towards effective techniques and many exciting discount offers.

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