Does diabetes affect our potency? – All you want to know

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There are many male and female representatives who are interested in the question Does Diabetes Affect our potency? In this article, we are going to discuss whether diabetes and potency are interrelated or not. Now it is possible that patients with diabetes can get rid of erectile dysfunction and there are many modern methods of treatment available. Let’s discuss the topic in detail. Visit for more details.

The Relationship between Diabetes and Male Potency

It is a very bitter reality that diabetes affects potency. As per statistics, every one person in four men is suffering from potency disorder. The reason is that diabetes affects the normal flow of blood in the vessels. During the excitation period, the blood is distributed equally in the body but the male sex organ does not get the sufficient amount of blood so a very weak erection is caused. This is the reason the sexual intercourse can not be prolonged for a longer period of time.

Some Other Reason of Effect of Diabetes on Potency

Diabetes has a great influence in potency because diabetes itself affects the testosterone level and hormonal balance. So the normal function of the productive system is affected. The increase and decrease of the level of glucose in the blood has a very adverse effect in a number of ways and it also affects the working of the brain. The prolonged ejaculation is caused by its absence and there is a lack of sexual desire. Also, the increase of the level of sugar in the blood causes the slowing of nerve ending connection in the male sex organ and the sensitivity is reduced in the scrotum, penis head, and perineum.

 The Treatment of Impotence with Diabetes

There are a number of means of male potency and the erectile dysfunction can be treated in a number of ways. The first compensation is to cure its complications. In this condition, the patient is asked to stop smoking and it is recommended to maintain the weight. Along with it, the patient has to regulate his blood pressure and cholesterol level. After that, he has to eliminate all the psychological problems such as chronic stress and depression. The normal potency level is restored in this way. In many severe cases, when the flow of blood is insufficient for erection then the doctor may suggest the surgical method of treatment. This surgery is also known as microvascular surgery which restores the normal flow of blood in male sex organ. Visit for more methods of treatment.

The Treatment of Potency in Diabetes with Drug Therapy

The medical is the most common treatment here. The patient has to be treated with restorative drugs and with many sex hormones or inhibitors. These medicines are considered as the most effective method of treatment. The drug named CIALIS is approved by FDA and it is showing better results in this problem. The absorption rate of this disease is very fast if it is taken on an empty stomach but it depends on other individual characteristics as well.

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