Do You Struggle Jet Lag On Planes- Follow These Steps

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Jet lag is one such health issues that most of the people face during their airplane journey. Jet lag is generally not any disease that can harm your body; instead, it is the rapid travel between different time zones. This problem occurs to those who travel from one time zone to another.

This problem is also known as time zone change syndrome. But if you are one of those people who struggle with jet lag, how can you tackle this problem and ensure a safe and healthy journey?

Below are some easy steps that you can follow and cure the jet lag without much effort.

Take Cannabis Oil: Even doctors nowadays recommend taking Cannabis Oil if you want to cure jet lag. The consumption of CBD relaxes your body that recharges your body and activates the body parts. Basically, the intake of CBD doesn’t directly influence the Jet lag problem; instead, it targets the causes that are controlled to cure your health of jet lag. But taking CBD is not authorized everywhere, so you should be aware of the legal places of its use.

Plan in Advance: It has been found that in a situation when the passenger looks to travel all of a sudden, he/she lacks the alertness that also causes the jet lag problem. That’s why you should always plan in advance. The pre-planned journey will always keep you active and alert. Also, you can take care of your health ahead of the journey.

Get Adequate Sunlight: While travelling one common reason for the jet lag is the shortage of sunlight that makes your body addicted to dark cycle. Hence when you are travelling to another time zone, make sure you follow the light cycle in advance. The regular and uninterrupted light to your body will keep it charged and active.

Take Massage: In order to bring your body to normal mode, it’s important to relax your body and here comes the importance of massage. Taking body massage refreshes your entire body and omits stress that gives birth to jet lag. Massage post-flight is a boon for your body that many of the passengers opt to overcome jet lag.

Follow New Time Zone: In some cases, it has been found that people continue following the old time zone that retains the jet lag and affects their physical efficiency. Once you land in a new city, with a new time zone, it’s important to follow the new time zone. For e.g., if you land in the city at night, it’s better to take proper sleep and wait till morning to start your tasks.

So, if you are a frequent flyer and face the problem of jet lag more often, the above-given tips will be a boon for you. All these tips don’t require much effort, instead, you need to be alert and adopt the options given. When it comes to Cannabis, you are recommended to take assistance from a doctor regarding the dose and the right format of taking Cannabis.

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