All You Need to Know about Transpore Tapes

Medical tapes are one of the most vital things that are used extensively whenever any situation arises. Different types of medical tapes are used for different applications. You will get a plethora of choices as far as medical tapes are concerned and hence an informed decision is of utmost significance.

Here an attempt is made to bring to you some vital information about one of the most widely used tapes in the medical field – Transpore Tapes.

In fact, in every ambulance, this is the tape that runs out first. When it comes to efficiency, versatility and overall quality there is hardly any medical tape that can outperform the 3M Transpore Tape.

Usages of Transpore Tapes

Transpore tapes, as said earlier have widespread usage. Some of them are given below:

  • Transpore tapes are used for securing gauze in place for burns and cuts
  • These tapes are capable of securing a SAM splint and on removal these rip foam off it
  • These also help in the prevention of chafing on the inside of your thighs, nipples and feet
  • These are used in Butterfly stitches for closing cuts and thus, prevent scarring
  • They have numerous other medical usages

Advantages of Transpore Tapes

Here are some of the advantages that Transpore tapes can offer.

  • Transpore Tapes Are Waterproof – This is one of the greatest benefits that Transpore tapes can provide you with. With this medical tape you can go take a shower or even go swimming and it will stay as it is.
  • Transpore Tapes Stick to Anything – It is true that Transpore tapes are designed for medical purposes only. But the best part is that it actually sticks to anything and everything. You have to just keep only one thing in mind and that is the fact that you have to apply it dry. But it sticks through hair, sweat and even blood.
  • They Are Very Easy to Tear – There are a lot of cloth tapes that you will get in the market. But one problem that you face mostly with them is that they are very difficult to tear. With Transpore tapes, you do not have to think about that. 3M Transpore tapes can rip easily with just your fingers.
  • They Are Made with Pores – The Transpore tapes are covered in a grid-like pattern of tiny holes and as a result of that, these tapes have got some unique properties. Body fluid and sweat can pass right through them and even then they won’t come off. Air can reach the skin that is laying just under the tape. What’s more you can customise the width of the tapes by tearing them across or along a straight line. All these are possible just because these tapes have pores.

Disadvantages of Transpore Tapes

As such there are no disadvantages of Transpore tapes. But it can be said that they are not good for sensitive skin and daily bandage changes.

The above discourse on 3m Transpore tape will help you realise when you need these for treating a condition and thus, will be able to take an informed decision so that your wound heals fast.

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