Adding mass: what’s best for bulking?

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In theory, adding muscle mass is simple. Make sure that you increase your calorie intake and get plenty of protein from foods, whilst taking part in resistance training that forces your muscles to rebuild, repair and become bigger than they were before.

With the demands of modern living though, it can often be difficult to get to the gym and workout on a regular basis. However, protein supplements are here to help you during your bulking workout routine. Not only do they assist you in your nutritional intake, they also help you to gain more muscle.

Together with MaxiNutrition, we have put together this go-to guide to help you maintain and increase your muscle mass.

Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein powder is the most common supplement for those attempting to bulk out once they’ve completed a workout, and is used by performance athletes all over the world. Put simply, this supplement boosts your protein intake and ensures that you’re getting a sizeable amount of protein once you’ve worked out.

Protein ensures growth within the body. As a supplement, protein can build muscle in the body quicker than your body can naturally do it. Based on the main ‘types’ of protein, whey is the fastest-acting of them all (whey, casein and soy are the main types), which makes it suitable for a post-workout supplement.

Athletes usually need 1 – 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight. As a supplement, whey protein helps you meet this target. Try to opt for a whey protein concentrate, which includes around 21g of protein per 30g serving.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is a non-essential dietary compound that is usually found in fish and meats – which is also naturally occurring in the human body, whilst being the most scientifically researched performance supplement in the world. It is stored in our muscles and is used to power high-intensity muscle contractors.

Creatine works by supplying energy to the necessary muscle cells, meaning you can get an extra burst of energy during high-intensity workouts and during burst resistance training. By using it, you are therefore able to lift more reps and it will take you longer before you get tired.

For anyone aiming to bulk up, the more weights and reps that can be done, the better the protein muscle breakdown and repair that will be achieved. Based on this idea, Creatine monohydrate allows those lifting to push that little bit further, allowing them to lift that little bit more during their workout. In order to see the desired results, you’ll need to consume at least 3g a day.


Zinc citrate, or ZMA as it is commonly known as, is magnesium citrate and vitamin B6, which are available in pill format and help to maintain natural hormone levels, specifically testosterone. The magnesium helps to facilitate protein synthesis and build muscle, while the Vitmain B6 helps the body to metabolise. This supplement is great for anyone working out and looking to build mass over time. When working life becomes difficult, ZMAs also keep hormone levels stable when they can be depleted by stress and other external factors that are out of the user’s control.

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