5 Reasons to Get a Hearing Aid Fitting in Edmonton

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If your hearing is not what it was and you want to restore it to a better version of what it is now, you may benefit from getting a hearing aid fitting in Edmonton. Many people lose the ability to hear as clearly as they get older. Certain tones and volume levels may not be audible to individuals of an older age or those who have experienced hearing damage. If you think you might benefit from getting a hearing aid fitting or hearing amplifiers, read on to find out more.

5 Reasons to Get a Hearing Aid Fitting

1. It’s the first step to getting a hearing aid and your hearing back.

Many people who go for a hearing aid fitting in Edmonton do not already have hearing aids. Getting a fitting means that not only will the aid that they get fit correctly, but they will also have some help with going through the entire procedure and getting an aid at the end, either in hand or shipped to them.

2. Know your hearing aid will fit you correctly.

It can often be such a relief for people suffering from hearing loss that they have an aid or hearing amplifier that fits correctly. A lack of a proper fit is a major reason why many seniors do not wear their hearing device; it makes them feel physically uncomfortable, so of course they are going to have major resistance to wearing it. However, a properly fit aid or amplifier is going to feel as natural as anything else and will not cause any discomfort to you.

3. You will not get a custom fit online and they are not one size fits all.

Custom fits online for hearing aids are not going to work. Ordering an aid or hearing device off the Internet increases the risk that you’re going to be disappointed, simply because it does not fit. There are no off the rack sizes and they are not made to be one size fits all. You truly need to go to a hearing aid fitting in Edmonton to get the appropriate sizing for you. Don’t waste your time trying to order online; even if they say it will fit you, there’s no guarantee.

4. Be certain that the volume is right.

One of the best things about having a fitting appointment is that you get sound tests performed. This will help measure out the louder or softer sounds that are specific to you and how you hear, meaning that the professionals will be able to alter the levels to your needs. A real ear measurement will be done to measure volume levels so that you can hear well and have no discomfort with the actual volume levels or sound that you are hearing, something you won’t get from boxed aids ordered online.

5. Learn how you can wear your device and use it.

Going to a fitting will help educate you on how to use and wear your device. The professional you’re working with can go over everything you need to know about your aids or hearing amplifiers, from setting adjustments to changing batteries and how to clean them. Write down what you want to remember, as well – you might find it helpful. You may also get written instructions in the form of a pamphlet that remind you of how to care for your device.

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