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5 Proven Ways To improve Male Fertility

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Male infertility is a big problem worldwide that affects about 14 men in every hundred adults. This is rising concerns amongst the top-notch health experts world-wide. Sometimes it is difficult to treat infertility issues but most of the times you can overcome this problem with the help of some strategies and changing your life style.

Basically, male infertility is referring to an adult men’s ability to reproduce naturally. When a husband is not able to make his wife pregnant, he is though to be infertile. The basic thing which is responsible for starting a pregnancy process is quality of sperm cells.

Following are some of the reasons that may affect your sperm quality and fertility.

1. Sex Drive

sperms are mobilized when a male has high level of sex drive (libido). Aphrodisiacs are used to help a man get good sex drive and improve quality of semen. If you are regularly taking the food enriched by substances that are full of aphrodisiacs, you may get very good results with your sperm count, hence improving chances to reproduce.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. When a man is not able to maintain an erection or doesn’t have an erection at all, he is affected by ED. This generally happens in men over 40 years old but it is not specified with the age. There are certain reasons for erectile dysfunction that you need to know. Getting low rate of erections can lead you to serious stress that eventually disturbs your life with your family. Get a solution as quickly as possible because if you leave it too late, situation could be worse. There are very useful medications available in the market that help you get rid of ED. Viagra is one of the most popular pills for men looking to get a solution for ED. You can easily buy Viagra online by following simple steps.

  • Contact physician and get a prescription.
  • Research online for some trustworthy website.
  • Contact the service provider and order according to your prescription.
  • You are done, receive the package and enjoy your life.

3. Sperm quality
quality of your sperm is one of the major factors to determine your fertility. Sperms are responsible for your reproduction. If your sperm count is good and they are not affected by any virus, you have better chances to conceive a baby. Eat proper food and exercise regularly to get a good quality of sperm. In a laboratory, microbiologist can determine the health of your semen by observing number of concentration of sperm cells in a given amount of semen. A semen analysis test is carried out to understand the level of disease.
4. Sperm motility

One of the most important aspect of men’s ability to reproduce is sperm motility. A healthy sperm is the one who can swim reach the targeted egg which is responsible for reproduction. Sperm motility is also measured in sperm motility test by judging percentage of moving sperms cells in a sample of semen.
5. Testosterone levels

Low level of male sex hormone (testosterone) may be a cause of infertility in some males. Male infertility can be caused by genetics, health conditions, diseases or food contamination. Follow a diet plane and watch out for un healthy foods and drugs. Never get your worries destroy your married life. Be happy and keep your family happy by living an ED free life. Visit your doctor more often to understand the symptoms and causes of infertility and ED. He is the person who can guide you to avoid the habits that eventually lead you to low level of erections and unhealthy life style. stay calm and never over react to things that you can not control, it will only increase stress. Remember, an hour spent in stress can spoil a whole day. Stay near to those whose presence make you happy.

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