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Best Gym Equipment to Use at Home without Personal Training

Many people waste their money paying for a gym they barely set foot in. for example if you spend $100 a month for 10 years. That money really adds up. So, this New Year set your weight loss resolution and lose your weight by building an entire home gym with the gym membership money.

For starting a gym at home with only 2-4 equipment you first need to ask yourself these questions:

Do you have empty space for this purpose?

If you live in a studio apartment, spending money on a weight bench and a barbell will make no sense, first try to consider the space you want to consume as your home gym. The less space you have, the more you’ll be confined to resistance work that is bodyweight movements and dumbbells. But if you’ve got enough space then you’ve got enough room for a HIIT session that is lay down and squat etc.

How shall you utilize these workout accessories?

Is buying a treadmill or an indoor cycling bike is a waste of money? Measure your interests as to what equipment you want to buy, which you will utilize effectively. Thinking as if you buy this, then finally you’ll start working out at home makes zero sense and will waste your money only. A product that doesn’t intimidate you or require too much assembly or take up too much room, try to start with such products. But specifically be certain that it should be something you will actually use. You can get cheap dumbbells, exercise ball or yoga mat from any fitness store which are great pieces for you to start with, neither require a lot of room and provides a wide variety of movements you can do with both.

Money you are willing to spend.

There’s no sense in making a first class gym all at once. You need to start slow and steady. For example, a garage, holy land or a basement will give you tones of options for an at-home-gym, and figure out how much you are willing to spend on it.

Now let’s get to the point, when we are done with all the set-up. The best equipment to buy at cheap prices:

  1. Elliptical cross trainer

For those who want to check out how fast they’re improving should buy this reliable and compact machine that has all the bases and  its new and latest features covered, with 16 levels of resistance and 18 workout programs, and a built-in fitness test as well.

  1. Zumba Exhilarate body shaping kit

This shaping kit contains Latin and international music with an enjoyable and effective workout system – and plus point is you can do it at home with this kit that have everything you could possibly require.

  1. Aero Pilates Arc

During Pilates exercise this gentle padded curve can either increase or decrease resistance, it offers assistance and support for beginners and provide more challenges to the experienced one. All you have to do is give it a try!

  1. Steel Abs Gym Machine

In order to gain tight, sexy, superhero abs without all the pain and strain, you must give this machine a chance as it is surprisingly help you to work your entire core of your body, thus enhancing your abs and getting rid of those love handles and loosen up fat. You can use Walmart coupons and vouchers and order it from any nearby store.

  1. Resistance band

Tone up your upper and lower body, and improve your flexibility with this simple and cheap exercise equipment. Great for modifying similar exercises and you can also combine it with other exercise equipment too.

  1. Indoor rowing machine

You’ll hardly find a bad review of this outstanding rowing machine. Indeed it’s a bit costly, but it works more on your core and your muscles than most of the other home machines. Its features also includes fast calorie burning, full-muscle workout, and suitable for people of all age groups, and includes a performance monitor as well.

  1. Gym ball

Suitable for all ages and is super-strong, good for cardio workouts, and tone-up your muscles, and provides you with core stability, posture, balance and flexibility. Sometimes you get a workout DVD as complimentary.

  1. Fit bell Kit in a Case.

This kit includes three pairs of dumbbells in a handy case for easy storage. And helps to develop strength, burn fat, increase power, core stability, endurance and balance.

  1. Trampette

Trampolines can improve heart rate and blood circulation and helps lower blood pressure, through aerobic exercises. You can utilize it in indoors or outdoors and it won’t strain your joints


Most foldable home treadmills have short, narrow decks, making them suitable only for fast walking or jogging can be purchased under $600.