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Waxing is a temporary depilation method and it removes the roots from the hair cavity, so the hair takes 3 to 5 weeks to grow back. Depending on the body area and hair type, you can go for 4 – 8 weeks without having to worry about body hair. After a wax session, the hair comes back softer and less abundant. As a plus point, the wax removes dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and silky soft.

The skin care industry, not all waxing services are created equal. One bad review on a spa’s social media page can risk your waxing business and turn it into ultimate sabotage for you. If you choose to offer waxing services to clients, it is important that you perform it in the most professional manner.


A hygienic environment is key to make sure that your clients are going to experience the best wax results. Proper sanitation and sterilization are important during every treatment. But when it comes to waxing, you must take some sanitation measures carefully.

The infection rate and vulnerability to the disease at the time of waxing is much higher because the follicles are open and it is very possible to contract anything from a minor infection to a serious disease. It is important for the people who run spa or salons to know the complications that can arise from poor hygiene.


As you know that first impression always counts. You will have an opportunity to show your client that you know what you are capable of doing. When booking your customer’s appointment try to make them clear with the kind of procedure you deliver. And ask them to arrive early for their appointment so you could provide them some waxing consultation, just as you would do before your regular facial or other body treatments. The consultation will help you get to know about your client’s skin type which will help you with waxing.


For some customers, waxing can be an uncomfortable experience but your goal should allow you to comfort them with their waxing experience with you. Try to engage them with something that can divert their mind. Ask them to take deep breathes and act patiently. If you are providing them a longer service such as whole body wax then make sure that your customer is comfortably situated and ask them about few things, not too personal, just the general topics or you can also ask them about their favorite artist or music. Because it can really help.


While waxing you can also mention other services you provide. Like facial, hair or other treatments. Tell them more about discounts and exclusive deals. You can also recommend them few products like best hair removal products so they will consider it as your kind nature but don’t tell them about the hair removal products you use because it can affect your services.

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